Welcome to Rwanda Parent’s Initiative on Autism

RPIA is an organization of parents and sympathizers formed to mitigate the autism challenge in Rwanda. It was established in 2015 with a global objective of promoting the establishment of social support mechanisms necessary for the social integration of children and adults with autism.

The organization was formed by parents in an effort to deal with complex difficulties facing children with autism and their households and limited understanding of autism by the community, education and health care providers. The current membership of the organisation stands at about 100 parents.


A society where children and adults with autism are able to achieve their full potential and live a decent life.


To promote social inclusion of children and adults with autism.


- Community Education & Parent Support Services
- Autism multi-disciplinary Services & Resource Development
- Monitoring, Advocacy and Accountability
- Networking and Partnership building


- Administrative Council
- Control and Evaluation Commission
- Arbitration Commission
- Secretariat

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Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Phone: +250 788 762 884
Email: info@rpia.rw